Press Releases

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Please feel free to take images directly from the comics for review purposes. If you require more information or interviews, please get in contact with James:  dawnoftheunread (at)

Dawn of the Unread overview

Dawn Unread PR0 Front Cover

Dawn Unread PR1William Booth

Dawn Unread PR2 Slavomir Rawicz

Dawn Unread PR3 Charlie Peace

Dawn Unread PR4 The Gotham Fool

Dawn Unread PR5 Byron Clough

Dawn Unread PR6 Alma Reville

Dawn Unread PR7 DH Lawrence

Dawn Unread PR8 5th Duke of Portland

Dawn Unread PR9 Bendigo

Dawn Unread PR10 Ms Hood

Dawn Unread PR11 Geoffrey Trease

Dawn Unread PR12 Alan Sillitoe

Dawn Unread PR13 Mary Howitt

Dawn Unread PR14 Stanley Middleton

Dawn Unread wins Guardian Education Awards PR15

Dawn Unread PR16 Margaret Cavendish

Dawn Unread PR17 George Africanus



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