Anywhere in the universe: a mission for libraries by Matt Finch

At Dawn of the Unread we value books. Libraries have undergone some horrendous cuts in recent times as a result of government policies. We’re interested in the role that libraries have to play in the 21st century and so welcome manifestos and mission statements that help debate the value of these important institutions.


Please make sure that you take a moment out of your day today to listen to and read Matt Finch’s excellent post. There’s so much great wisdom in this piece and I believe it to be a great unifying and inspiring thing that librarians of today need in their lives. Anywhere In The Universe isn’t just another post that will come across your feed; it’s a document that recognizes where we are and points towards the future we can all be a part of if we chose to go down this path.

What’s more, great libraries recognize that they require a diverse workforce. Information, knowledge, and culture are things which are lived, felt, and experienced by all of humanity. The wider the range of experiences and identities represented by the library staff, the better understanding they will have of the diversity of human information, knowledge, and culture, and the more ways they will…

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