Bag of Randomness for October

Bwain eating contest on 19 October. Say no more.

Bwain eating contest on 19 October. Say no more.

Here’s the latest list of the weird and wonderful distractions that you never thought you’d be doing when producing and editing together a graphic novel.

  1. Legging it into children’s toy shops in search of a jelly mould for a brain. This is for a ‘bwain eating’ contest at the end of our Masterbwainz game at the Festival of Words, 19 October, 3pm Old Market Square. Dawn of the Unread is all about trying innovative ways to engage readers and so we’ve decided to bring back Arthur Seaton, Mrs Hitchcock, Lord Byron and the Gotham Fool to quiz them on their literary lives. The last time I legged it into a children’s toy shop I was after a skull. This was for a spin-off event at the British Art Show in 2010 when Lord Biro and I created a recession-busting Damien Hirst skull.
  2. Ranting about charity shops on the blog after they refused to accept flyers about the above event.
  3. Traipsing around town with 6,000 bookmarks for bookshops to give out for free with each purchase.
  4. Writing ten briefs for third year NTU students as part of their final dissertation in media practices. They will be making 10 minute documentaries about the Five Leaves Bookshop, the Gotham Fool and various other themes from our project.
  5. Asking the police if we can use some of their headed paper for a spoof internal memo detailing crowd control issues for the fight of the century: Bendigo versus Froch. You’ll have to wait until 8 November to find out what happens when Al Needham and Rikki Marr’s comic is released.
  6. Literally stalking some of our commissioned artists and writers by turning up unannounced at their doorstep when deadlines have been missed; armed with beer, biscuits and fags.
  7. Arguing with my bank because they are unable to transfer payment to Serbia for Toni Radev, the artist for our current Duke of Portland chapter. Note to UKIP voters: when a cheque gets bounced back three times to a non-EU country, what impact do you think leaving the EU will have on business…
  8. Extending Dawn of the Unread by a few more chapters, ultimately at personal cost, because fantastic opportunities have arisen. I don’t want to get anyone excited just yet because it’s not for definite, but there could be a Roller Grrrl librarian coming to a comic near you very soon.
  9. Asking a storm trooper at Comic Con to sit in on an interview with Amanda Tribble, our featured artist for the Ms. Hood chapter (8 December) Although the empire could not be seen to endorse any products, they were happy that we were not the droids they were looking for.
  10. Growing a beard again because that elusive App is still not here but I am promised it will be in a few days. It’s worth sharing in detail why this has taken so long in a future blog but for now, let’s hope I don’t end up looking like a ZZ Top tribute band.
The things we do for our art.

The things we do for our art.

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