July’s Bizarre and Wonderful Distractions in the World of Editing.

Early draft by Rikki Marr

Early draft by Rikki Marr

Producing a comic is a complex, frustrating but incredibly satisfying experience. If you thought it was just about commissioning writers and sitting back and waiting for the text, think again. Here’s a little taster of the good, bad and ugly that’s been keeping me busy and out of the glorious sunshine.

  1. Arranging a zombie beauty contest with a books-related twist for the Nottingham Festival of Words.
  2. Commissioning a local DJ to make a unique ‘trance’ track with text from Nicola Monaghan’s The Killing Jar played over the top.
  3. Trawling through endless footage of the Broxtowe council estate and early raves for footage for the above video.
  4. Being contacted by a friend whose child has cancer and finding a way for them to be drawn into our Bendigo v Froch chapter to help raise their spirits. She has tried to contact Froch’s PR but has had no joy. When I heard about this story, we had to help.
  5. Being threatened by a Forest fan for putting a knitted jumper on the Brian Clough statue to celebrate the launch of our Byron Clough chapter and a reading Flashmob
  6. Arranging an interview with Francis Finn at 11.10am to promote our reading at West Bridgford Library at 2pm on Saturday 26 July. Other guests are John ‘Brick’ Clark, the artist and writer for our Slavomir Rawicz chapter, Nicola Monaghan, the writer for our forthcoming Alma Reville chapter, and Adrian Reynolds, our resident panel beater.
  7. Searching for the authors of The Disappearing Duke to see if they will write us a small piece for our Duke of Portland chapter.
  8. Spending four days writing a mid-term Arts Council Interim Report only to discover they have a unique form that has to be filled out. Smile. Breathe. Start all over again. Apologise to girlfriend that I won’t be coming to bed, again. She tuts.
  9. Finding an extra £2,000 of paid work for two of our commissioned writers/artists for a collaboration with Everybody’s Reading in Leicester and the NHS so that we can trial our format in a different city. A big thanks to the wonderful Lydia Towsey for this.
  10. Trying to figure out how the hell we’re going to make a ‘How to’ guide to comics video for one of our artists, Toni Radev, who lives in Serbia 9 (I think)
  11. Watching smug and over enthusiastic marketing videos on Youtube to discover how to raise our hits.
  12. Ending up on the UNESCO City of Literature Board…more meetings.
  13. Not paying yourself for 2 months so that other writers can eat.
  14. Shaving off a scruffy 5 month-old beard because the App is finally here. Only o discover it isn’t, quite. Not yet. Nearly. A few seconds away.
  15. Pretending to be a zombie with a bunch of teenagers in Mansfield on the condition that they promise to subscribe to our website and get a book out from the library. Well, there’s a lot worse ways to sell out.
The completely nuts, but wonderful, Lydia Towsey. Someone I'd recommend working with for the giggles as much as the professionalism.

The completely nuts, but wonderful, Lydia Towsey. Someone I’d recommend working with for the giggles as much as the professionalism.


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