Things you never thought you’d be doing as an editor….

The above video is a series of Vox Pops about the role of libraries. Some readers may find the results disturbing. Equally disturbing is the bizarre things I find myself doing while editing together this project. Here’s a few of them…

  1. Growing a protest beard until the App version of the project is ready.
  2. Spending two days trawling the internet to find footage of goblins, alcoholic ballet dancers and a tree that William Burroughs allegedly married. You’ll have to wait for the release of our Gotham Fool chapter to find out why…
  3. Drinking a minimum of 25 cups of coffee a day only to discover, while researching, that Honoré de Balzac died of a caffeine overdose.
  4. One of your commissioned artists refuses to use Googledocs to share work because the NSA will be able to access it. You reason that the work will be public when it is published and that a comic hardly breaks the 2006 Terrorism Act. They are having none of it.
  5. Finding someone to knit a ‘literary’ jumper for the Brian Clough statue without invoking the wrath of the Forest Executive Crew and avoiding jail.
  6. Buying a Bonsai Tree for a commissioned writer to motivate them to finish their work.
  7. On discovering that bribery is a far more effective form of communication than rational argument you treat your partner to a romantic weekend away as you’ve spent the last 12 months glued to your laptop.
  8. Taking your laptop with you on a romantic weekend away causes arguments…which makes it even more difficult to work.
  9. Convincing 1000 people to suddenly sit down in the middle of Market Square and start reading, knowing that it will probably rat it down and freak out the Community Wardens.
  10. Trying to source 1000 umbrellas for free…
  11. Persuading Broadway Cinema to let zombies loose on their premises during Mayhem Film Festival only to be advised by a zombie purist that there are 27 types of zombie blood and choosing the wrong type equates to a form of undead racism.

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