Don Juan, Cosmic Trigger and other stuff from our writers…

Here’s what some of our writers have been up to when not wrestling with Nottingham’s unread…

Adrian Reynolds, our resident panel beater, will be taking part in a celebration of mystical prankster Robert Anton Wilson on 17 May at The Corner, Stoney Street. Pulling Your Cosmic Trigger will feature Daisy Eris Campbell whose adaptation of Cosmic Trigger will hit the stage later in the year, KLF author John Higgs, storyteller and performance coach Anna Reynolds (no relation, just a weird coincidence) and Nottingham improv comedy outfit Missimp.

Adrian’s chapter about the Gotham Fool is released 8 June 2014

Alison Moore’s second book The Pre-War House and Other Stories has been shortlisted for the East Midlands Book Award which is announced on 15th May at Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire. You can also catch Alison reading at the launch of the Nottingham Writers’ Studio new premises on 16 May.

Alison’s chapter about Mary Howitt is released 8 March 2015

Join Andrew ‘MulletProof’ Graves at Five Leaves Bookshop on 12 May and you can hear him reading from his forthcoming poetry collection Light at the End of the Tenner (Burning Eye Books)

Andrew’s chapter about the 5th Duke of Portland is released on 8 November 2014  

Andy Croft has asked 20 poets to write 50-100 stanzas each to create a modern interpretation of Byron’s epic Don Juan. In the original, published between 1819 and 1824, Byron took a swipe at Willy Wordsworth and various others so we’re wondering who will fall foul in this eagerly awaited updated version.

Andy’s chapter on Byron Clough is released 8 July 2014  

James Walker (Ahem) joins Geoff Dyer, Henry Hitchings, Katherine Jakeways and Dominc Dromgoole for five fifteen minute essays In Praise of the Midlands on BBC Radio 3. James’ essay explores Nottingham’s history of defiant individualism through Alan Sillitoe’s fictional anti-hero Arthur Seaton.

James’ chapter about Alan Sillitoe is released 8 February 2015

John ‘Brick’ Clark has received some glowing endorsements in the Independent for his forthcoming graphic novel anthology To End All Wars. It offers an alternative to Michael Grove’s jingoistic WW1 centenary celebrations by focussing on the “personal stories of men, women and animals caught up in the horrific cataclysm… our selection is principally focused on the psychological impact of this most extraordinary and unique conflict”

Brick’s chapter on Slavomir Rawicz was released on 8 April 2014

Paul Fillingham has freed himself from the digital lathe to do his bit for the miners. He’s produced A History of Mining through Ten Objects and is also part of Clipstone Colliery Regeneration Group who have some ambitious plans for reusing the huge headstocks at the former colliery.


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