Calm down, it’s only an apocalypse…

When the dead go unread because libraries are either being closed down or not being used, there’s gonna be trouble. Sillitoe, Byron and Lawrence are turning in their respective graves and will soon be returning to Nottingham to search for booooooks. Trouble is, the only place they seem to be able to find books is in Tescos and they don’t fancy snacking on the latest  celeb autobiography as it isn’t very nourishing. They need something more substantial. A more balanced diet. We have a cunning plan on how you can help save them but you’ll have to wait a bit to find out how…

Dawn of the Unread is a graphic novel, made available as a mini-serial on tablets and smart phones. It’s an attempt to celebrate some of the great literary figures and intellectuals from Nottingham who are in danger of being forgotten if proposed library cuts go through and independent book shops keep closing down . In 2012, 7% independent book shops closed down, with the total down a third since 2005. Authors are only able to live on in the minds of new generations if there is access to their ideas. We must make the library a fortress, or else the dead will go unread and forgotten forever…


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